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The moments you will never forget

Imagination does not have any limits.
You want to have a theme oriented party in navy
or vampire style or in the rhytm of 80s?
This is the right opportunity to use FunFace photobox,
which prints the photos immediately
or sends it to your email adress.


How does it work?


In case of corporate event, each printed photo may have the company's colours or logo, or the name of the event. At the private events or weddings, we will create the graphics which will fit your style

Unlimited printed photos

Your guests will be glad to print the photos right after photoshooting. They will take hundreds of memories with them.


To make each event special, you can choose the background which you like the most, or we can create the new one according to your wishes.


What kind of party would it be without theme oriented accessories? Tell us your theme and we will provide you with the requisites which will make your guests look amazing in the photos.