FunFace Fotobox

We offer the rent of transportable selfie photo booth, which suits every kind of event-weddings, promo events, trade fares, corporate events or any other party. FunFace photo booth does not require a lot of space, has 2 touch screens and is easy to service. Our package includes the themed photo background, variety of props for photo shooting and unlimited print of photos. Our qualified staff will assist during the whole time of photo shooting. Our photo booth is online the whole time, which enables you to share your unique moments with your close ones, via email or social networks. You have also the option to choose from various types of photos-a photo on width, two or three photos in one, on height. Each photo may include the photo stripe-adjusted branding, the naming of the event, date, business logo, or the names of newly married couple. As a part of our package, our team of graphic designers will design your photo stripe. Our newest offer is the Instaphoto, which would include the #hashtags according to your wishes, as well as the number of likes.

The photo-mirror

FunFace photo-mirror is a brand new way of taking photos with selfie photo booth. Take a look at yourself in our stylish mirror, show your smile or pose, and you will hold your printed photo within a few seconds. Personalized branding, themed photo background and props for photo shooting are of course included.


An unique device which creates an imitation of the wall, on which you can electronically draw graffiti.

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Lookup and smile!

If you still require something more, and you want to make the photo shooting even more interesting, try our Lookup and Smile photo booth. The camera is placed above your heads, and it will make the photo shooting a brand new experience. The result? Photos from the bird perspective will be indeed very original. Contact us and we will prepare the package adjusted to your requirements.

FunFace Dance

FunFace is not only about photos but also about dancing. How come? Thanks to FunFace Dance. A brand new feature among our services, which will upgrade the already great entertainment at your event.

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Graffiti TV

Do you have artistic or creative skills and you want to show them at FunFace party? Take advantage of the Graffiti TV with a large touch-screen, which is easy to use and possesses lots of exciting features.

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FunFace Printka

A good party needs Instagram! But only sharing funFace photos on Instagram is not much fun. So what about to print them out immediately and share them even with non-social networks friends? With our Printka, it is not a problem.

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FunFace Twist

We continue to expand our services and we constantly come up with new ideas how to enhance them. Our new interesting feature is Twist 360°

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FIT Light

Sporty team-buildings or kids´ party requires, besides photo-shooting, various sporty and entertaining activities. FIT Light from FunFace is the proper accessory for parties like this.

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Nový a nesmierne zábavný formát fotenia. Vďaka viacerým fotoaparátom, ktoré vás nasnímajú naraz, vytvoríme animáciu s 3D efektom. Fotenie bude rýchle a výsledné animácie zaujmú na prvý pohľad.

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