FunFace photo-booth is suitable for every kind a party, both smaller celebration with your close ones, romantic event, big corporate event or a trade fair for the public. Visitors or guests of every event will appreciate the fun and the opportunity to create a memorable photo.


Teambuildings are great opportunity how to bring the collective more close together. No more boring sitting behind the table where people communicate only with their neighbors. Rent our FunFace photo-booth to your teambuilding, and just wait to see what will happen! Colleagues will relax, pose and entertain themselves. And that is the atmosphere, where just two strangers sharing the same workplace, will become a friends and true teamplayers, and that is the main purpose of teambuildings.


FunFace photo-booth is also suitable for the events such automobile shows or expos. Various clients are renting the services of FunFace photo-booth to their kiosks and stands and offer to visitors the option to bring their memories home in the form of a picture, for example with their favorite type of car.


Every bride wants to make her wedding day unforgettable and capture it in beautiful photos. It can be done differently! For example, with the FunFace photo-booth, which will at the same time, be the attraction for the wedding guests. Imagine the groups of happy dressed up people, how they joke around in front of the camera, and afterwards they print the photos and stick them in the wedding album and write their messages. Simply, a beautiful memory, from a beautiful day.