How big is the photo booth?

FunFace photo booth has a modern design and does not require a lot of space. It is basically a photo booth, without a booth, which consists of a camera, and big touchscreen. The photo background is included as well, with the size of 2,8m on width and 2,3m on height. The photo background should have the distance 2-3meters from the photo booth. In case you want a customized size of photo background, we can prepare it.

Is it possible to place the photo booth in the exterior?

Yes, our photo booth can be placed in both exterior and interior. If the photo booth is placed in the exterior, it has to be under the shelter, in case of rainy weather. The appropriate space for the photo booth is 3x3 meters.

Does the photo boot require any power source?

Yes, the photo booth requires the power source of 220V.

Will you supply the props?

As a part of every package, we offer themed props. We adjust them to current trends and variety of themes, which gives you a wide range of options. We can supply customized props according to your requirements, if you wish. The package also includes the photo background.

How long does the photo booth setup take?

The setup of photo booth takes approximately 30 minutes. Usually we arrive one hour before the photo shooting. Your assistance with the preparation is not necessary, our colleagues will take care of the setup as well as the maintenance of the photo booth.

When will you arrive at the wedding?

The length of photo shooting depends on your requirements. Usually, we begin the photo shooting after the dinner, and we arrive approximately one hour earlier in order to prepare the photo booth.

How many photos can I print?

The printing of photos is unlimited. You can print the photo once, twice or even ten times, for every guest, who wants to keep the photo as a memory. Printing takes only 7 seconds and can be done right on the spot or later. All the photos are saved in a gallery, which can be later seen by your guests, and photos can be printed out after the event was held.

What is the quality and the size of printed photos?

You can choose out of three formats-one photo on width, two or three photos in one, on length. The stripe can be placed in every photo-having written the date, name of the event, etc.-and will be designed by our team of graphics designers, as the part of our package. Our newest offer is the Instaphoto, which would include the #hashtags according to your wishes, as well as the number of likes.

Can you send the photos electronically after the event?

Yes, our photo booth is online during the whole time of photo shooting. Therefore, you can send the photos immediately to your email address, or share them on social networks. After the event ends, we will send the link, via email, for the whole gallery on our website. The gallery is protected by password, which will be provided to you along with the link in your email. When you open the gallery, you have the option to save the photos.

Where are you based?

FunFace is based in Bratislava, but we have many experiences with the events all over Slovakia and abroad as well.