FunFace Printka

A good party needs Instagram! But only sharing funFace photos on Instagram is not much fun. So what about to print them out immediately and share them even with non-social networks friends? With our Printka, it is not a problem.

Easy to use

As you may already know, Funface is easy to use and creates a lot of fun. Printka is not an exception. Just take a photo on a party where FunFace is present as well, share it on Instagram with pre-defined hashtag and print with Printka. Hashtag is very important with Printka, as it enables you to find you photos on Instagram and Twitter, among hundreds of photos. So think of your own party hashtag!

You just need electricity and wi-fi

If you have a power outlet and a wi-fi connection at your event, you can hold the offline version of your Instagram post within a few seconds. You can print photos in sizes 9x13 cm or 10x15 cm. If there were any complications, the Printka boy will help you with printing and operating the device.

Creative use

Photos from the Printka serve as a great addition to the diaries, photo albums or even as gifts for friends with whom you have spent nice moments in unforgettable events. The photos from Printka can nicely decorate your work desk, but you can also use them as a bookmark or give them a frame.

For every party and celebration

Instagram is definitely not only for teenagers anymore. There are profiles of younger users, as well as older users, and even companies and businesses. That is why it can be used on every party that features at least one passionate "Instagramer".