FunFace Twist

We continue to expand our services and we constantly come up with new ideas how to enhance them. Our new interesting feature is Twist 360°

Spin the fun

And we mean it literally. Twist 360 ° is an interactive electronic turntable that automatically rotates during your photo-shooting. Thanks to that, your photo-booth captures you from a variety of unusual angles.

Up to three friends

On the Twist, you can stand up to three people and play for fun. Stand with your back to yourselves or choose another "layout" - the rest will be taken care of by the Twist and our photo-booth.

Create funny memory from your photos

Stay on Twist as a statue and have a few more pictures taken. You can then combine them to one GIF image or video in which you rotate or make the so-called "mug shot" from the left profile, the front and the right profile. Fantasy has no limits, so find your own creative use of the Twist and do not forget to share your result! ;)