Graffiti TV

Do you have artistic or creative skills and you want to show them at FunFace party? Take advantage of the Graffiti TV with a large touch-screen, which is easy to use and possesses lots of exciting features.

Huge surface

There will be no drawing on a miniature display - FunFace's 65" Graffiti TV is 165 cm diagonal, and you will not miss a comfortable 90 x 150 cm surface and you can easily edit or enlarge your photos and photos of your friends.

Print or send

After the end of your artistic moment, you can simply send the resulting work to your emails, print it by yourself, or print them immediately to preserve the memorial in a tangible way.

Touch control

You do not need any unnecessary peripheral devices, you just need a finger. You can edit your photos simply as if you click on them on your mobile. With the difference that your mobile does not have a 65 "display.